Friday, August 20, 2010


this is warren's knuck (lucky basterd), he gave me
the opportunity to paint his new bike this year. So i get this
phone call one day from him he says "hey you
think you could do a FRAZETTA piece on my
tank" so i tell him sure we can make it happen, not thinking
how and what way i was gonna pull this off
but not worrying about it i just did it. when i was
done i quite amazed how it came out
then wondering if jr was gonna like.
but he loved it and i had a fun time doing it. ( THANKS JR)

I took these pics right before i left for sturgis(1:30am thurs)
he did not have any miles on a fresh
motor, left later that afternoon towards the black hills,SD
and fucking made it. he said it was badass and she purred like
a kittin . well Warren hats off to you brother


  1. Doo Doo Brown dood, you mutha fuckin killed that thang!!!!!!! Warren is one lucky sumbitch. Cant wait for you to let loose on the six deuce longroof.

  2. thanks bud they say good things happen to those who wait